Workwear-Centric Collaborative Apparel : Timberland PRO


Timberland PRO and N.HOLLYWOOD Joined for a Capsule

Timberland collaborated with N.HOLLYWOOD on a new capsule as the latest addition to the Timberland PRO subdivision. The joint effort exudes the perfect fusion of clean design aesthetics and rugged construction, ultimately resulting in a section of seasonal workwear-centric items. The new range is comprised of day-to-day apparel that is heavily designed to center around the overarching theme. The pieces include overalls, hoodies, tees, jackets, caps and belts.

The construction boasts heavy-duty canvas in the colors of black, olive green, and bright orange, with branding patchwork that reads “Timberland PRO.” To complement the apparel are a selection of boots — the ‘6-Inch Direct Attach Soft Toe Boots and Disrupter Soft Toe Boots.’ The footwear models are made from leather materials with waterproof sensibilities, anti-slip soles, anti-fatigue insoles, protected toe guards and “24/7 COMFORT SUSPENSION technology.”


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