Why you need to start cycling today!


Women’s cycling is on the rise thanks to an amazing new bunch of girls, kit and enthusiasm for life on two wheels

Women’s cycling is on the rise thanks to an amazing new bunch of girls, kit and enthusiasm for life on two wheels.

Since London 2012 we’ve been enjoying a cycling revolution in the UK, and WF is a team chock-full of cyclists so we couldn’t be happier! From increased bike sales and routes to a government investment of £588 million to make UK cities easier and safer to get around on a bike, it’s now the time to get in the saddle and ride.

Viva la revolution! We’ve been speaking to Team Ford EcoBoost to discover more. ‘We never imagined we would be where we are now when we started cycling, so to see the growth in the sport in such a short space of time is just fantastic,’ explains Team rider Julie Erskine. So, what exactly is this down? ‘Having good female role models in the sport is very important. The ever growing exposure and support that the sport is receiving is helping to nurture and progress riders from grassroots up to world class riders. This is also helping to inspire women of all ages and abilities to just get on their bikes and ride.’

Be in it to win it From leisurely weekend rides and commutes all the way up to the elite, Julie says there’s now greater equality for women’s races in terms of distance, support and prize money, which is great news for anyone keen to get involved. There’s also more sponsorship opportunities for women’s cycling now, and Ford UK is at the centre of this. ‘Without the support of Ford UK this team would never have got off the ground,’ explains Nikki Juniper. ‘It ensures 
we can concentrate on the job at hand!’ And they are doing a fine job!

Saddle up So, how easy is it to get started? Nikki reveals 
her tips: ‘Seek out local friendly cycling clubs or any women’s cycling groups, such as Breeze Network. Or just enjoy getting out on your bike and riding. Don’t worry about what other people think, just get on your bike and ride it.’ So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hop on and join the revolution!

For more information on cars in the Ford EcoBoost 
range, visit ford.co.uk/ecoboost And check it out on Facebook and Twitter

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