Why you must have overnight oats daily


We all know how important breakfast is. We can tamper with any other meal and get away with it but not breakfast. Now, oatmeal comes as the healthiest option for breakfast. Owing to its versatile, oats can be eaten in any form, sweet, salty or whatever. And no matter, in what form you have it in any form proffers us with our fill of different nutrients like protein, fibre, magnesium and potassium.



There is a new addition to the conventional form of oats, overnight oats. If you are wondering what overnight oat is, it is nothing too fancy but overnight soaked oats. Yes, we are literally talking aboit over night soaked oats. You do nothing, just soak your oats with all the ingredients in an air tight jar overnight and have it the next morning.

Now, how and why you should add oats to your regular breakfast menu? Here is why…


They are way easier to digest

You soak the oats in yogurt or in milk or whatever you wish to, overnight. Soaking the oats overnight turns them easier to digest as all the nutrients of all the ingredients are broken down and the all the natural acid are reduced, and which is why it is easily absorbed in the body.


Time and efforts saver

You soak the oat at night and then have it next morning. The entire job is done in night while you sleep. All you need to do is take it out of the fridge, give the contents a gentle stir and have it. No need to cook it!


They have more Resistant Starch

All starch enriched foods have a natural type of carbohydrates that improves weight and digestion. Cold foods have more resistant starch. Now, your oats already is high on RS and when eaten cold, the RS is higher.


They are versatile

You can play around with the ingredients for different and better taste. You can definitely add in different ingredients like peanut butter, cranberry, , coconut milk, raisins, banana and many other ingredients to enhance the taste. There are many variations that you can try out.


They can be your ultimate dessert option

What could be better than a jar of dessert in breakfast? We bet nothing. Honey, sugar, some Nutella or any other sweetener can be a great if you are not watching your weight.



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