Wearable Motorcyclist Airbag Jackets : Dainese Smart Jacket


The Dainese Smart Jacket Fits Under Any Existing Garment

The Dainese Smart Jacket is an advanced piece of protection gear for motorcyclists that will ensure they are supported at all times when heading out on a leisure ride or when commuting. Outfitted with seven sensors, the accessory is designed to automatically detect when the rider is experiencing an impact and inflating the unit to protect the wearer’s chest and back. This is similar in style to other products on the market, but is characterized by its slim, minimalist design that can be easily integrated under any existing gear to keep riders as protected as possible.

The Dainese Smart Jacket is priced at $699 and also features a breathable design that won’t cause the wearer to overheat when worn in hot weather.


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