Ultra-Quiet Winter Jackets : Patagonia Silent Down Jacket


The Patagonia Silent Down Jacket Doesn’t Make Swishing Sounds When Worn

The Patagonia Silent Down Jacket come as a specialized piece of winter apparel for men that is sure to delight those who often avoid large garment options because of the annoying sounds they make.

The jacket has been specially designed by the outdoor gear brand to eliminate the swishing sound that is often observed when wearing puffer jackets and parkas. This is achieved with a premium exterior that has a somewhat broken-in feeling for additional comfort and a 100% recycled 700-fill down filling.

The Patagonia Silent Down Jacket is priced at $279 and is reported to keep you warm when partaking in outdoor activities in the winter months or commuting without having to deal with the annoyance of material noises.


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