Ultra-Chromatic Overstated Fashion Lines : dries van noten fashion


Dries Van Noten Fashion Stuns with Color in the 2020 Line

The Dries Van Noten fashion approach has always been unpredictable and the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2020 clothing range is a great example of this. While previously, the Belgian fashion designer embraced a more pared-back and understated aesthetic, his upcoming stylings are everything but.

From hot pink silk trousers combined with draped leopard print trenches and matching bags to leathery burnt orange pants outfitted with a classic checkered shirt that is tucked in, the Dries Van Noten fashion presentation is definitely eclectic. The tailoring and silhouettes exude a strongly psychedelic 70s vibe which, undoubtedly, translates well in the contemporary environment. Moreover, the obviously oversaturated stylings might begin to symbol the transition of high fashion from minimalism to a more sculpturally inspired maximalism.

Photo Credits: Regis Colin Berthelier/ NOWFashion


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