Try this herbal concoction to save your baby from colic pain


Its normal for babies to cry but some babies cry more than others. It becomes really annoying for parents to deal with a baby who cries excessively for no apparent reason. According to paediatricians this condition is known as colic pain. It is believed that colic pain occurs due to the swallowing of air during their feeds. Another reason that may cause colic pain in babies is diet of the mother as it can affect child’s immature digestive system, leading to abdominal pains.


However, there is no scientific proof for this this claim that mother diet can cause colic pain. But it is believed that your child may develop colic with 48 hours after you eat any particular food, it is better to restrict its intake for the initial two to three months.  

Some food items that may cause indigestion, bloating and acidity in lactating mothers and affect the newborn include items made from besan, groundnuts, sprouted, eggs and other non vegetarian foods.  

If you suspect that your food habits are causing pain to your little one, here is herbal remedy that you can make at home to provide relief to your child from this problem.


Things you will need to make concoction at home

  • Ajwain
  • Shepa (Dill seeds)
  • Hing
  • Kalanamak
  • Jyeshthamadh (liquorice)
  • Sunth (dried ginger powder)

Take a pinch of each ingredient and add them into a bowl of water. Now this solution for about 5 minutes and drink this concoction half an hour after every meal to improve digestion.


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