Top 40 Menswear Trends in November


From Clean Graphic Apparel to Functional Sports-Infused Clothes

The November 2018 fashion for men trends celebrate the element of functionality to ensure that clothing is versatile enough to prepare for any occasion. The colder season is upon us and there is a plethora of layering options that allow consumers to style accordingly during the seasonal transition.

Freshjive’s new Fall 2018 collection is complete with clean designs, decorated with some graphic prints. The range is comprised of silhouettes such as tees, button-ups, hoodies, jackets, and outerwear options with a longer shape. In addition to the apparel, Freshjive hosts a release party that features an installation to showcase some 90s photography. Another example is Alexander Wang’s recent collaborative collection alongside Uniqlo — the New York-based designer and the Japanese label drop a HEATTECH collection. The new collection elevates the technical apparel to deliver warmth and functionality with its bias weave fabric. It adapts to bodily movements to deliver a functional and comfortable fit.


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