Top 30 Fashion for Men Trends in February


From Kimono-Inspired Menswear to Casual Athletic Pants

The top styles within February 2019 fashion for men explore technical construction and high-performance features, as well as Asian-inspired influences and extravagant concepts that pull inspiration from the future of fashion.

Some of the highly practical utilitarian styles that have been introduced include accordion-like backpacks that expand and contract to suit the user’s needs and lightweight, supportive running shoe styles that don’t inhibit one’s freedom of movement on different types of terrain. At the same time, men are turning to on-the-go skincare kits and multipurpose grooming products to help them quickly and practically meet their self-care needs.

While some emerging menswear collections are now gleaning inspiration from artful Asian kimonos and samurai warriors, other labels are drawing upon themes that reference outer space, evolution and alien-like motifs.


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