Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2019


From Unisex Leather Apparel to Waterproof Technical Outerwear

These 2019 fashion trends generate new ideas, without ignoring their respective heritage. There are multiple examples of fashion that draw inspiration from previous eras and those that predict a futuristic image as well. The overarching concept is the infusion of imagination and creative exploration through beautifully designed silhouettes. Additional elements include sustainability, luxurious quality, collaborative work, and more.

A great idea is the all-new fashion label, Pihakapi — it was born with the help of Pellamoda, a leather manufacturing brand. It highlights gender-neutral leather shapes that are explored through new forms and fun colorways. The experimental nature of the label evokes a sense of progression, encouraging new perspectives of a traditional material. Another fashion trend is the collaboration between White Mountaineering and adidas — this duo focus on functionality through sportswear silhouettes. The collection delivers durable qualities through its GORE-TEX materials and flexible structures, bridging the gap that lies between fashion and function.

To learn more about fashion trends for the year ahead, check out Trend Hunter’s 2019 Trend Report.


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