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When Fitbit launched its UK Black Friday sale we were really hoping for a reduction on the Ionic. Fitbit’s only device with built-in GPS came out this time last year and in the meantime Fitbit has released the Versa, a smarter-looking watch on the same OS as the Ionic but with connected GPS instead. We thought those developments would have made the Ionic a prime candidate for a discount, but we were wrong.

There were some decent discounts – up to 50% off – but they were on very old trackers like the Alta, or more expensive special editions of the Charge 2 and Alta HR – both of which do indeed look very nice but don’t offer any additional features.

While you can find bigger deals on other fitness trackers and cheaper devices that offer more features, we’d forgive you for insisting on a Fitbit – the brand has become synonymous with fitness trackers for a good reason. If you’re not dedicated to a particular sport like running or cycling and just want to keep an eye on your activity and maybe get a bit fitter, Fitbit is second to none thanks to its easy-to-use app and features.

The good news is that Fitbit isn’t the only company that sells Fitbits so we’ve done some scouring to find you all the deals on all the Fitbits, and flagged up the best ones.

The best of the best? As of right now, it’s a toss up between the Fitbit Versa for £139 on Amazon or the Fitbit Ionic for £199 on Amazon.

The Best Black Friday Deals On Fitbits

Fitbit Versa

We didn’t expect Fitbit to undercut its latest smartwatch (although it is offering up to 24% off selected straps to be fair), but Amazon stepped in on Black Friday with a stonking £139 deal. That’s £60 off the RRP and roughly £30 off the £167.21 you could find it for on Amazon the day before.

That deal has now expired, but if you’ve been kicking yourself for missing the best deal of the Black Friday period Amazon has given you one last shot. What you’re getting is the Ionic in a better-looking body with connected rather than built-in GPS. We’re betting a lot of people are hoping to find this under the Christmas tree this year so now’s a good time to pick it up at a discount.

The best deal: Amazon’s £139.

Fitbit Ionic

Our favourite Fitbit, because the combo of built-in GPS and music storage means we can run without our phone. The automatic Run Detect feature is also fantastic, and a similar function appeared on the latest Apple Watch. We thought this Fitbit wasn’t going to really feature in this year’s sales, but Amazon have only gone and dropped the price by £40.

The best deal: Amazon blows the competition out of the water at £199

Fitbit Charge 3

This new release that adds swim tracking to the popular Charge 2 is, well, new so we don’t expect any advances on the £129.99 RRP.

Fitbit Charge 2

The third-party deal on the still-excellent-after-two-years Charge 2 is the best Fitbit deal available right now, with 43% being knocked off the optimistic £130 RRP (the same price as the Charge 3, you’ll note). Still, £80 for connected GPS, a heart-rate monitor and entry to Fitbit’s marvelous ecosystem is good value in our book.

Fitbit also offered its biggest price cut in cash terms on the Charge 2 – £60 off – although only on special editions. Those last two words are important or you may get confused on the buy page as we did. The special editions do look better, with unique strap colourways (black/gunmetal, blue-grey or lavender) paired with an upgraded material for the body (stainless steel or 22-carat rose gold). Otherwise, the features and functionalities are the same.

The best deal:  £80 on Amazon, or Argos, or Currys. Take your pick.

Other similar deals:

Fitbit Alta HR

The version of the Alta with a heart rate monitor, which unlocks the best of Fitbit’s features, got the same treatment from Fitbit as the Charge 2, with only special editions included in the sale. That reduces it to £100, the price the standard version has been hovering around for a while now, although other retailers have pushed the price back up to £120 at the moment, and the RRP holds firm at £130.

So at £100, it’s £20 more than the £80 for the standard Charge 2. The key differences are that the Alta HR is a slimmer tracker more suited to everyday tracking, while the Charge 2 is bulkier and better at tracking workouts and, thanks to the addition of connected GPS, outdoor runs and rides. Your call, but we like more features for less money, and the Charge 2 has plenty of fancy straps to gussy up its looks, too.

The best deal: Fitbit’s £100 for the special editions.

Other similar deals:

Fitbit Alta

The Best Fitness Trackers of 2016: Fitbit Alta

Fitbit does the business here with a 50% price drop. Although you’d certainly be able to bag the first Alta for less than its RRP of £100 any time of year, £50 for this stylish band that will keep tabs on your steps and active minutes is a terrific price.

The best deal: £49.99 if you nab it from Fitbit.

Other similar deals:

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit’s tracker for primary-school-age children only came out in June this year so it’s good to see that Fitbit included it in the Black Friday sale. A drop of £15 isn’t a huge discount, but it beats the competition, none of which have moved on the £79.99 RRP.

The best deal:  £64.99 from Fitbit.

Fitbit Flex 2

It’s rare to get a fitness tracker without a screen nowadays and for £5 more you could get the Alta. But if you’re a swimmer that just wants to automatically track time spent in the pool and calories burned, this band will do it for you.

The best deal:  Currys makes a splash at £39.97.

Other similar deals:

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze smartwatch and fitness tracker

Fitbit’s first stab at a smartwatch is, it appears, still kicking around and we did say we’d cover all the deals on the all the Fitbits. Our advice? A Charge 2 is better and cheaper, and the Versa deal above is far better and not much more expensive.

The best deal: Using best in the loosest possible sense, your choices are Amazon or Argos at £110, or taking our advice and getting something else.

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scales

If you already have a Fitbit device these WiFi-enabled smart scales make a great addition to your set-up because they’ll beam your weight, BMI and body-fat percentage into the app, allowing you to see what effect your activity is having on some of your vitals. Fitbit has dropped the price by a reasonable 17% for Black Friday.

The best deal: Fitbit has included it in its Black Friday sale for £99.99, knocking £20 off the price 

Other similar deals:

Fitbit Flyer Headphones 

The Flyer headphones receive a similar discount to the Aria 2 scales, with £20 knocked off the price. The best thing about these Bluetooth headphones is the bass, because it includes audio tech commonly found in professional recording studios. Otherwise they’re packed with the features you’d expect from wireless headphones nowadays, although we found they were better suited to weights workouts than running because the control panel was too heavy and tended to dislodge one bud as it bounced around. 

The best deal: Fitbit’s £89.99

Other similar deals:

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