The Adidas UltraBoost 19 Is Finally Available To Buy


Given the popularity of the original UltraBoost you can forgive Adidas for the fanfare that has surrounded the first major update to the shoe. The UltraBoost 19 gets it general release today, 21st February, after four limited-edition colourways were put on sale first to whet runners’ appetites.

The Laser Red shoe was the first to launch in late 2018, followed by Dark Pixel, Refract and Bat Orchid, with the black and pink colourway of the last of those inspired by the flower of the same name.

The full launch comes with four new colourways, including the Inline, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Laser Red colourway, though the upper is lighter.

There will also be two black and white versions of the UltraBoost available for those looking for a more understated shoe, and an indigo colourway which might just be the best yet – although it’s currently only available in the women’s range.

The UltraBoost 19 looks very different to the original shoe and it feels different when you’re running as well. We found the new shoe firmer and bouncier, owing to the extra 20% of Boost foam Adidas has crammed into the midsole, a change which has been balanced out elsewhere so the shoe isn’t any heavier.

As well as the changes to the midsole, the upper has been overhauled, with a full Primeknit sock sitting on top of the foam. This wraps the foot entirely to keep it in place as you run, with some sections of the knit being less stretchy to avoid your foot moving around.

The plastic midfoot cage on the original UltraBoost is gone, replaced by a tight mesh that’s far more comfortable, and the heel counter has also been changed from a full plastic piece to a plastic-wrapped wire frame that allows the heel to expand on landing.

All these changes add up to a more comfortable, springier shoe that’s great for long and easy runs, though the substantial wedge of Boost on the shoe make it a mite unwieldy for faster running, where something like the Adidas Boston 7 or SolarBoost is a better bet.

Buy men’s from Adidas | Buy women’s from Adidas | £159.95

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