Sporty Utility Streetwear Capsules : POLIQUANT


POLIQUANT’s AWKWARDNESS Collection Prepares for FW19

Japanese fashion label POLIQUANT introduces its new collection for Fall/Winter 2019 entitled ‘AWKWARDNESS.’ It highlights design themes that are drawn from Slavoj Žižek, a Slovenian philosopher, focusing on his idea of ‘The Real.’ In philosophy, The Real refers to an authentic and unchangeable truth. The collection is comprised of pieces such as trousers, outerwear, shirts, sweaters, tees, and more.

The color palette boasts earthy hues of black, green, beige, and white, with standout tones of pink and yellow as well. The overall aesthetic of the range evokes a sense of sport-informed streetwear silhouettes. There is a deconstructed formation to showcase utilitarian design with functional elements showcased through pieces such as the trench coat that transforms into a messenger bag or the vest that converts to a pillow.


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