Speed-Focused Hiking Boots : On Cloudrock Waterproof


The On Cloudrock Waterproof Protects without Inhibiting Movement

Hiking boots help to provide protection and grip for outdoor adventurers but can sometimes slow down the wearer, which is something the On Cloudrock Waterproof is designed to change. Created by On Running as its first speed hiking boot, the footwear design features a lightweight design inspired by running shoes and a Missiongrip outsole that will provide impressive traction on many different terrains. The brand’s CloudTec technology is also integrated into the shoe design to alleviate stress that can be placed on the body when hiking for extended periods or even when walking downhill.

The On Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boot is reported to be 35% lighter than other styles from competitors and comes in three color options to choose from. The boot is priced at $230.


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