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Reserved Taps into the Modern Day Sensibilities of Warsaw

Reserved is a Poland-based retailer and for its Fall/Winter 2018 capsule, the company is embracing outdoorsy fashion. Tentatively dubbed ‘Re.Design,’ the silhouettes in the collection prove to be incredibly fashion-forward and cozy — this includes items like an extravagantly oversized scarf. The elegant approach to tailoring allows for the garments to be appropriated for urban environments. In addition, the overall aesthetic and quality make the offerings the perfect go-to pieces for an afternoon hike.

For its ‘Re.Design’ capsule, Reserved embraced a wide range of outdoorsy fashion inspirations. For example, the retailer extracted style-minded elements from 60s-era ski outfits. The silhouettes are reinterpreted with a mindful consideration of contemporary design.

As the collection pays homage to the “energy and creativity of modern-day Warsaw,” the stylish offerings also carry a distinct Eastern European aesthetic.


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