Self-Healing Waterproof Jackets : WHISTLER WINDBREAKER


Coalatree, the sustainable and eco-friendly provider of outdoor apparel, recently expanded its product line with the introduction of the new Whistler Windbreaker. This extraordinary jacket boasts a unique characteristic — its ability to heal rips and tears in seconds.

This is thanks to the brands HiloTech Seal-Healing material that allows the material to mend holes with friction — to repair a hole, simply rub your finger over the material and the heat and friction allow the jacket to become like new. The Whistler Windbreaker also features a DWR application to gives wearers light protection from the rain. In addition, the elastic drawstrings were designed to keep out the wind.

The Whistler Windbreaker can be purchased for $79 CAD in three colorways: blue, red, and black.


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