Scrumptious Takeaway Sock Collections : Pizza Socks Box


The ‘Pizza Socks Box’ by Meg Cyprian Comes in Six “Flavors”

The ‘Pizza Socks Box’ has been created by Meg Cyprian as a collection of drool-worthy hosiery options for men and women that come packaged in an unlikely manner. The socks come in six “flavors” including Hawaiian, Italian, pepperoni, capriciosa, vegetarian and plain, which are each emblazoned with the imagery of the pizza variety across each pair. The socks can be purchased as entire pizzas (three pairs in total) or by individual slices (one pair) to make them perfect for yourself or as a gift.

The ‘Pizza Socks Box’ can be purchased from the designer’s Etsy store and will come as a welcome accessory option for those who can’t get enough of the classic takeout food. The socks also come packaged in authentic cardboard boxes that further convey the food delivery-inspired look.


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