Rugged War-Era Footwear : Fastbreak MC18 Hi


The Converse Fastbreak MC18 Hi is Protective and High-Quality

The Converse Fastbreak MC18 Hi sneaker appears as a modern iteration of a military issue footwear option, which makes it a fashionable homage to the needs of soldiers of the past.

Characterized by a military green color scheme and rubber outsole, the sneaker features a GORE-TEX lining that promises to withstand the elements and also support the Ortholite insole. These features make it reminiscent of the footwear that American GIs and their allies would’ve worn in WWII to promise the utmost attention to detail and quality for modern-day wearers.

The Converse Fastbreak MC18 Hi sneaker also features a removable strap around the ankle to add additional support for wearers when being used to brave winter weather or explore new terrain.


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