Regenerated Nylon Swim Trunks : Everest Isles Swim Trunks


The Everest Isles Swim Trunks are Made from Reclaimed Materials

The Everest Isles Swim Trunks are a simple summertime garment for those who are looking for a way to look their best when spending time poolside or on the beach. The trunks come in monochromatic color choices including white and black, and each feature an athletic fit, elasticated waistband and a minimalist style that will match any existing garments seamlessly. A built-in D-ring offers wearers a dedicated way to hang them up for drying between wears to keep them as fresh as possible when traveling.

The Everest Isles Swim Trunks are constructed from 100% regenerated nylon fiber that has been sourced from abandoned or worn out fishing nets along with other reclaimed materials. This makes them a durable garment option with an eco-friendly edge.


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