Recycled Plastic Clothing Collections : Everlane Renew Collection


The Everlane Renew Collection is Made from Plastic Bottles

Consumer concern about plastic waste is rising as they become more aware of how it’s infiltrating our waterways and natural environment, so brands are responding with new initiatives like the Everlane Renew Collection with this in mind.

The clothing collection is positioned as an eco-conscious lineup of garments that are all made from thread that is sourced from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The collection is reported to be made from three million recycled plastic bottles, which keeps them out of our waterways and landfills to help them live on as a functional garment that is inherently ready to withstand years of wear.

The Everlane Renew Collection includes a hooded puffer jacket, a fleece-lined jacket and a fleece sweater that are all ultra-cozy and ready for winter weather.


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