Prunes: From Curing Digestion To Supporting Cardiovascular Health, It Has It All


From Curing Digestion To Supporting Cardiovascular Health, Prunes Has It All

Prunes, commonly known for its health benefit is a version of dried palm. Packed with lots of goodness, this dry fruit is much more than just a dry fruit. It is believed that it has its origin in the Egyptian and Sumerian Civilization. It contains no fat but has a carbohydrate level with a little level of sugar. They contain almost 1g of protein and are high in fiber.

Most of us are reluctant to have prunes but they are naturally fermented from palms in sunlight. They have such a good nutritional level that you will never deny it in the future after reading this article.

Look Brighter and Younger than before

Prunes are full of antioxidant even higher than your berry varieties. They contain a significant amount of manganese, iron and plant phenolics which makes them the best antioxidant food. Also, it contains a good amount of vitamin C and E which acts as an anti-aging element and nourishes your skin from inside.

Power of Sight

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Want a better vision? Add prunes to your diet. Prunes are the best source of vitamin A which enhances vision. Carotene found in prunes also helps to maintain overall eye health. So, prunes will never let you suffer from low vision, blindness, dry eyes, and other eye-related issues.

Boosts Digestion 

Prunes are used since ancient times in Greek medicines to cure weak digestion. Fibers and minerals present in prunes facilitate easy bowel movement and make your life constipation free.

Healthy Bones

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The ancient culinary, prunes contain calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and vitamin K which is beneficial for bone density. Although they have a lot more into them and helps in bone repair and development.

Damage-Free Hair

Prunes contain copper and iron which prevent hair from being damaged and dull. This also prevents hair breakage. So, if you want less hair fall, start having prunes in your diet.

Healthy Heart

Potassium which helps in the proper functioning of heart and nerve transmission is present in good quantity in prunes. It helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of dizziness, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. So, let your heart pump your blood properly and give it love by eating prunes.

Enhances Immunity and Reduces Inflammation

It is as Ideal food as it contains thiamine and riboflavin which makes it perfect as an anti-inflammatory food. Rich in mineral and antioxidants, it boosts immunity keeping us strong from inside out.

Cramp relief

Prunes are best known for their properties of relieving PMS pain syndrome. Also, if you have any kind of cramps in your body, prunes can be your answer. Our ancient culinary has many more things to give us than just taste and care. Prunes are not only used as dried fruit but also for curing a lot of health problems. In this era of cosmetics and energy supplements, adding prunes to your diet will be very beneficial for your overall health.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 05, 2019


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