Organic Antibacterial Socks : The Socks No.1513


‘The Socks No.1513’ are Made with Organic Cotton and Copper

Fashion products with antibacterial properties are gaining popularity amongst consumers who are looking to maintain optimal comfort throughout their hectic schedules, so new options like ‘The Socks No.1513’ are coming about with this in mind.

Created by Kusaka Mizuho, the socks are made with a base of organic cotton that has been infused with copper fiber that works to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the adjacent fiber. This allows the socks to be excellent for heat regulation, bacteria suppression, odor prevention and even electromagnetic shielding to make them an excellent option for busy professionals.

‘The Socks No.1513’ come in 11 different pattern options and could also work to treat or prevent fungal infections thanks to copper’s natural antifungal profile.


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