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3.Paradis Tests the Limits of Nostalgia with Fall/Winter 19

Luxury ready-to-wear label 3.Paradis debuts its Fall/Winter 2019 offerings in an appropriately themed lookbook that purposefully exudes nostalgia. Truly testing the obsession of the contemporary consumer with such styled garments, the capsule boasts a range of highly interesting pieces.

For example, the hybrid of the button-up checkered shirt and the grey hoodie is quite experimental, while the trousers that boast octopus tentacles emerging from the leg holes are very creative-chic. Other staples in 3.Paradis’ luxury ready-to-wear collection include a money-adorned jacket that displays currencies from around the world, a deconstructed black sweater with green, white and blue hits, as well as a knit sweater that features what-must-be a sun rising from the sea.

The entire luxury ready-to-wear collection is “intended to evoke a sense of sad nostalgia in the wearer.”


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