Natural Nanofiber Undergarments : UltraSkin underwear


The ‘UltraSkin’ Underwear Promises Optimal Comfort and Health

The ‘UltraSkin’ underwear collection from The LivingWear Co. is a lineup of products for men that will offer them a natural way to stay comfortable all day thanks to an organic composition and specialized design.

The undergarment lineup includes boxers, briefs and undershirts that are all crafted from Lyocell nanofiber that is 100% natural thanks to an organic composition sourced from eucalyptus wood. The renewable and nontoxic material is reported to have an absorption level that is 20-times better than traditional cotton of polyester to keep you comfortable and dry all day long.

The ‘UltraSkin’ underwear collection features products that are designed with 360-degree style in mind including underwear with a lift contour pouch and undershirts that are resistant to sweat stains.


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