Movie Sequel-Celebrating Outerwear : VF-1 Ghost Ryder


The VF-1 Ghost Ryder jacket has been designed by Ryan Martin as an outerwear style that draws inspiration from the iconic jacket worn by Tom Cruise as Maverick in the original Top Gun film.

The jacket aims to commemorate the aforementioned garment and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick film, and features a design achieved using black Cone Mills 13 ounce bull denim. This gives it a sturdy design that is ready for almost year-round wear instead of only being suitable for cooler summer evenings to maximize functionality for fans.

The VF-1 Ghost Ryder jacket is priced at $995 and is limited to just six examples, which will likely make it highly coveted by fans and fashion aficionados alike seeking out an ultra-hip outerwear style.


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