Luxury $1,000 Undergarments : Cashmere Boxers


The Nice Laundry Cashmere Boxers are Embroidered with Gold

The Nice Laundry Cashmere Boxers hold the title of the most expensive underwear in the world thanks to a $1,000 price tag that promises to deliver exceptional comfort and luxury to consumers.

The boxers are crafted from 100% pure cashmere that hasn’t been blended or mixed with any other materials and feature embroidery that is achieved using gold thread. This helps to accent the opulent boxers and make them easily recognizable for discerning consumers to appreciate.

Founder of the company Ricky Choi spoke to Men’s Health about the Nice Laundry Cashmere Boxers saying, “We didn’t want to half-ass this cashmere boxer. We started with 100 percent cashmere—no wool blend or low-grade stuff—and worked with a team here in New York to hand sew each pair.”

Image Credit: Nice Laundry


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