Lose weight in 5 days with this magic drink


Getting rid of extra weight is the prime concern today. Overall health matters but losing extra pounds is the thing that people are mostly focused on. Obesity and extra pounds are keeping people on their toes but even after spending hours in gym and exercising for hours rigorously, people are not able to get rid of the extra pounds and obesity. 

To help people with weight loss, many weight loss plans and techniques have been designed. Some of the designs are tailor-made, especially designed for specific needs. While some methods and ways will allow you to lose belly, some are designed to help you lose some specific amount of weight. Some of these methods have become an instant hit amongst obese people or the people who are trying to lose extra pounds as these methods are effective and efficient in many ways. 

The new 555 method

There must have been many techniques and methods in the past that have disappointed you but yet people need help to get rid of the bane called obesity and will try anything and everything to lose those extra pounds. The latest to hit the internet is the newest 555 method. Many people have already benefitted from this amazingly fantastic method, wherein you lose one pound every day. Yes, it might sound unbelievable but yes, it is true, people have lost weight and thus you can at least give it a try. 

The special drink

You just need to prepare one special drink. You can make this drink at home as you can easily find all the ingredients in your kitchen only. The preparation time is not much, there are no efforts, and it is one simple and easy to make quick weight loss drink. 


  • A bunch of parsley or coriander leaves 

How to make the drink: 

  • Chop the parsley. If you have a blender, make use of it and chop the parsley/ coriander leaves.
  • Squeeze in the lemon in the blended juice of parsley.
  • Again blend the mixture into a juice. 

Things to keep in mind while having the drink. 

  • You need to consume the drink, continuously five days in a row. Do not skip. If you do, start all over again.
  • When you reach the fifth day, do not start another course immediately. Wait until next ten days.

The preparation is simple and easy and does not take more than 5 minutes. With this drink, you burn calories, break accumulated fat and give your body the necessary shot of minerals and vitamins. The solution helps you to improve digestion system and prevent bloating.

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