Lose weight fast with this comprehensive weight loss diet plan


Have you failed at your attempts of losing weight through diet plans? Well, it could be because you did not prepare a balanced diet. Losing weight does mean that you have to starve yourself and ignore your cravings too much. Instead, try eating nutritious food in place of harmful junk. You also need to train yourself the right way of eating and drinking.

Comprehensive weight loss diet plan

Weight loss menu

You need to keep tabs on your daily calorie intake. Make a list of foods that you can eat daily and achieve your aim of weight loss. Evaluate yourself on the BMI scale to know about your ideal weight. Note down what you have eaten daily and monitor this with your exercises. You can understand the difference between your calories intake and calories burned in this way.

Weekly monitoring

It is advisable to make short goals to achieve your aim. A week is convenient time period to start with. If you find that your diet and mild exercise plan is helping you lose weight, it will motivate you to continue. Aim to lose a pound in the week.

Include foods you like

Your diet plan for weight loss should include some of your favourite foods too. Just make sure that you include the healthy ones or understand the portion. The food guide pyramid can help you to make a comprehensive diet chart for losing weight.

Tips to avoid overeating

Do not visit the grocery hungry, do away with second servings in your meals, drink 3 to 4 litres of water daily as fillers and prefer fruits and vegetables as snacks. Spend time in shredding and dicing fruits and vegetables into smaller portions to make fruity snacks or variety of salads. These tips can save you from habitual overeating

Eating right

Drink water at least half an hour before your meal, Chew your food to a pulp before swallowing so that saliva is completely mixed with it and make sure you drink water an hour after your meals. Following these rules of healthy eating will ensure that you give your metabolism the best chance of digestion.

Drinking right

Do not gulp down the whole glass in one go. Drink water in sips. Try to mix as much of your saliva with it before taking it down. Saliva has enzymes which assist in digestion.


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