Lightweight German-Engineered Wallets : I-CLIP wallet


The ‘I-CLIP’ Wallet Stores 12 Cards, Cash and More

Digital payment methods are threatening the life of the traditional wallet, so designers are taking a more aggressive approach to style and efficiency, which is evident with new products like the ‘I-CLIP’ wallet.

The German-made wallet is just slightly larger than a credit card and weighs in at just over half an ounce to make it an impossibly compact accessory that will hold all of your essentials. This includes offering space for up to 12 cards along with cash in the integrated money clip to make it a powerhouse of efficiency for those who are on the brink of ditching their wallet but still require one.

The ‘I-CLIP’ wallet comes in a variety of design options and also features a slide mechanism to make accessing cards simple.


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