Let your make-up suit your face cut


With the right kind of make-up you can give your face symmetry and play down facial flaws. The first rule you have is to keep in mind is that dark colours help to ‘tone down’, while light colours help to emphasise.



You will need to buy foundation in three shades. One shade should be as close to your skin colour as possible, which you will be using for the entire face. Of the other two, one should be a shade lighter and the other a shade darker. A highlighter would be useful for emphasising areas and camouflaging dark spots and patches. Instead of going for a stark white shade, choose very pale beige or pink, cream or ivory. You will also need a sponge for blending. Blushers may also help. What you have to remember is that blending is of utmost importance, so that no lines of demarcation are visible.


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To make a round face longer
First apply the normal foundation on the entire face, blending with a damp sponge. Then, apply a foundation of a darker colour along the cheeks, at the fullest part. To make a round face appear longer, blend the blusher from the cheekbones downwards, fading gently outwards. Emphasising the cheekbones also helps a round face with plump cheeks appear less so. Use your blusher under the cheekbone, starting from under the centre of the eye, going outwards and slightly upwards. Apply highlighter or translucent powder on the cheekbones to lift them.


For a square or rectangular face

Use the dark foundation at the jaw line, in a diagonal line, from the ears to the tip of the chin, on either side. To make a square face appear rounder, apply blusher (rouge) high on the cheekbones, blending it smoothly and softly downwards.


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If you have a double chin

Apply the darker foundation under the chin line. Apply blusher also, under the chin line, to make a soft shadow and minimize the fullness.

Whatever you wish to camouflage, remember to blend well, so that the make-up looks like a whole, rather than lines and blotches being visible. These are some of the tricks of the trade. See what suits you and try it out several times at home. Never try a new make-up for the first time just before an important occasion. One learns from trial and error. Also, practice makes perfect.


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