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I have designed the new 8-Week Hardcore Trainer as the most extreme transformation program in the world. Over this period, I’ve managed to achieve my most dramatic transformation yet—results that even surpassed those I’d previously achieved in my original Hardcore Video Trainer, which was filmed over seven years ago, and over a 12-week period!

Everything I’ve learned over the past seven years from the world’s leading scientists, professors, professional and amateur athletes, my clients, and my own research has been carefully applied to this plan. Absolutely nothing has been left to chance. This is a mathematical equation, which will guarantee you the most drastic changes yet.

I’m going to require your full attention every day during this program, because I’ll constantly be changing and adding things to help stimulate the body, prompting it to change. Every muscle fiber and energy system is going to be put under extreme stress, to get the extreme transformation you’ve come here searching for.

Every single rep, meal, cardio session, and supplement matters. This program is like a carefully designed system that has many different components to it; in order for it to work, everything needs to be done as I’ve prescribed it. The application of the workouts is just as important, because the intensity needs to always be dialed up to 100 percent. There’s no time for a lethargic tempo here. Watch me, and then match me, every step of the way. This is an environment in which excuses can no longer exist. In order to thrive, you must kill any instinct within you that tempts you to cut corners.

Nutrition: Overview

If your training is there to force change, nutrition is there to facilitate it. Without being absolutely stringent with your diet over the next eight weeks, you are not going to get to see the results you want. Balancing your energy intake, consuming the correct ratio of macronutrients, and timing these meals are all part of achieving an “unnatural” transformation.

To begin with, your diet will consist of:

Protein: 1.28 grams per pound of lean body weight

Carbohydrates: Training days: 0.98 grams of starchy carbohydrates per pound of lean body weight; and on rest days, 0.85 grams of starchy carbohydrates per pound of lean body weight. Consume these carbs in your first three meals of the day only!

Fats: No need to eat extra; These are just naturally occurring from protein sources.

As your weight decreases on this transformation, you will need to make the necessary adjustments to your macros on a weekly basis. These numbers do change throughout the program as I give you updates, so please make sure you read every daily installment so that you’re able to make the correct changes to guarantee success!

These macros will be spread out across the day, across six meals and your post-workout Re-Kaged shake immediately after your training session. It might sound like a lot of food, but don’t panic; they are more like grazing intervals. This program is about consuming the most highly bioavailable foods possible, focusing on quality over quantity. Below, you will find a full list of foods you’re allowed to eat on this plan to make your macros fit within the template I’ve prescribed.

Protein Sources

Your proteins will provide the amino acids that are necessary to recover and build muscle tissue. It’s important that you stick to lean sources of protein, such as:

  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey breast
  • Cod
  • Tilapia
  • Pollock
  • Low-fat steak (one meal per day)
  • Salmon (one meal per day)
  • Egg whites
  • Fat-free cottage cheese (vegetarian option)
  • Low-fat tofu (vegetarian option)
  • Re-Kaged protein
  • Kasein protein

Starchy Carbohydrate Sources

The workouts you’re going to be doing on this trainer are highly glycolytic in nature, which means your body is going to require a specific type of energy to perform at its highest capacity. The starchy carbohydrate sources below are the best choices for this purpose.

  • Yams
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Rice cakes
  • Quinoa

Fiber/vegetable sources

To make this diet work for you, you need to consume plenty of fiber from sources like leafy green vegetables. The gut is where your body breaks down all of the food you eat and then absorbs it. This is how you recover and grow, through nutrient assimilation. In order for you to sustain perfect gut health, you must consume a portion of green vegetables with each meal. To keep things interesting, don’t be afraid to switch things up. I personally really enjoy my salads.


Water is crucial to a healthy diet, and this is an essential nutrient we tend to forget. Keeping your body hydrated around the clock is absolutely crucial to burning fat, building muscle, recovery, and guaranteeing optimized performance every workout.

For this trainer you’re going to need to consume a minimum of 1 gallon per day, sometimes more, depending on the climate you live in. To further the hydrating properties of your water, you will want to add Hydra-Charge 2 or 3 times per day so you’re able to benefit from the five naturally occurring electrolytes plus coconut water.

Sample Daily Diet Plan

Chicken breast


Green salad




Mixed peppers







Mixed peppers

This sample diet is for guidance only. I have not included food measurements, as this will vary for each person and depends on body weight. Here, I am simply giving you an idea of structure so you can see how your day should look in order to be successful.

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