Here is why you should not use toner or astringent everyday


Toner is said to be the most essential component in a beauty kit. The regular beauty regimen is incomplete without cleansing toning and moisturising. Although, women all-round the globe prefer using toners to refresh skin, to close the skin pores and to aid many other beauty requirements but how good are toning agents and astringents? What are the negative impacts of toners and astringents on your skin? Yes, women do go for astringents and toners to cleanse, replenish the skin and also to close the pores but hardly anyone knows that toners can be very bad for your skin.



Suggested by beauty experts, toners surely help you to fix many beauty nuisances but seem to create a whole new set of new nuisances. How? Most toners contain alcohol as a primary or secondary ingredient. Alcohol basically cleanses oil from skin and is mixed with other components to mild the alcohol down.

The job of toners
Remove the impurities from skin. Astringent and alcohol based toners penetrate deep in the skin and clean out all the impurities.

It balances the pH balance in skin. Our skin is acidic naturally; washing with soaps disturbs the pH balance, toners and astringents balances that disturbed pH.

They can remove excess oil from skin by shrinking the pores. Removal of oil also gives the skin a fresh look.

But toners and astringents are doing more harm than good…



Toners do not CLEANSE

Many women make use of toners to cleanse their skin while a toner’s job is not to cleanse your skin. It does cleanse the pores but along with impurities, it strips your skin off all the natural oil. Instead of toner or astringent, go for a water based cleanser if you think that cleansers are too oily for your skin.



Skin pays dearly to close pores

Toners are generally sued to shrink and close pores but the alcohol present in toners irritates your skin enough to make your pores look smaller. There is absolutely no need to torment your skin, rather switch to other home remedies to close skin pores.



Keeps oil production under control, really?

Yes, toners do keep the oil production under control and also removes the excess oil from your skin. However, most toners have alcohol as an ingredient, which dries the skin but in the process, the skin dries out way too much, causing skin irritations and other skin related problems. Now, the oil that is removed by toner will be back on your skin before you know it. It is better you switch to any other oil cleansing method.


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