Healthy High Calorie Food for Weight Gain


A healthy high calorie diet could be the best possible means to gain a couple of pounds while remaining fit with balanced weight. The diet should have an assortment of ingredients with high carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat content. When you want to gain weight, it is important to eat the right kind of food so that you build lean muscle and not mere fat. Here are some high calorie foods that you can try in order to gain weight.



Protein is a major component of every high calorie diet as it helps in building muscles and healthy fat. Consume easily digestible sources of protein such as chicken breasts, fish and lots of milk. When you choose fish, pick up those with a darker and oilier flesh as it has greater number of calories. Salmon, nuts and beans are also important sources of protein that could be added to a breakfast menu.



Carbohydrate is another important nutrient for high calorie diets. Include an assortment of fruits such as apples and oranges in your everyday breakfast menu. Smoothies, blended with fruits and milk could be consumed as dessert for dinner. Whole grains and yams are also calorie dense carbs that are very helpful in gaining weight. Pasta, beans and potatoes are food stuffs that you can add to your lunch or dinner menus to add the extra calories. When you choose fruit juices, pick those with minimal sugar content.




  •     Olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, sesame oil etc.
  •     Walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts etc.
  •     Butter, low fat milk.



Having snacks in between meals could be great for those looking to gain weight. Ensure that you take these healthy snacks at regular intervals and not close to meal times as that would result in a reduced appetite. Nuts, fruits, yoghurt and granola bars are snacks that you could pack for office. Make sure that you do not slip away into unhealthy junk food. Fast food can only add unnecessary weight which will prove to be detrimental later in life.


Break the fast 


Breakfast being the most important meal of the day should not be avoided at any cost. This is where you must load the maximum amount of calories in order to stay fit and refreshed the entire day. Some good options for breakfast menu are omelettes made with 3 or 4 eggs, a cup of low fat yoghurt, a glass of whole milk and some fruits.


Classic dinner menu

Dinner is another essential meal where people normally eat a lot especially when they go out to restaurants. Choose meals with high protein content such as lean red meat, fish and chicken. Supplement it with a basic simple green salad made from fresh vegetables. Sandwiches could also be had with layers of mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes.


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