Healthy Eating Habits For Older Adults: 5 Ageing Foods And Drinks To Avoid


Old age brings many problems and diseases such as the risk of heart attack or diabetes. Sometimes some of your bad habits can prove to be dangerous with your increasing age. In such situations, it is essential to know which of your habits are responsible for this (and if improved, then it can make your body healthy). If you are also wondering what such practices are, then wait, as a little change can help make you healthy. Just make these five changes in your diet.

Say ‘no’ to these five things when ageing

Salty foods

If you are 51 (or older), you are in a senior risk group. Doctors recommend paying attention to your sodium content. According to experts, you should limit your sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams per day. And if you are in the high-risk group, then make sure you do not take more than 1,500mg per day. Excess of sodium can increase your blood pressure and risk of heart attack and stroke. The culprits behind this are processed foods like frozen foods, snacks, meats etc.

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This can be surprising, but these foods can affect the working of your medicines. So it is always good to ask your doctor which fruits you should stay away from. For example, if you are taking high blood pressure, stress or insomnia medicines, grapefruit juice will affect your medications. 

Tip: Keep in mind that grapefruit contains the right amount of vitamin C and potassium.

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Raw vegetables

If you do not have tingling, rot on your teeth, then you should avoid raw vegetables (but never ignore vitamins and fibre). Cook them till these vegetables become soft. Along with this, drink soups of vegetables like carrots and pumpkin.


Drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of some types of heart attack and stroke. But in your old age, wine affects you differently, whether you are drinking a glass of wine or beer with food (while watching TV). Alcohol hinders sleep and also increases your blood pressure. It can also cause hypoglycemia in people who have diabetes. Moreover, alcohol can also affect the working of medicines. So if you have to consume alcohol, then talk to your doctor once and know about the right amount.

Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products become a little difficult to digest in old age. But this does not mean that you quit eating all dairy products, as they provide you with calcium and protein. Many people take small amounts of dairy products, and this will not spoil your digestion. Moreover,  there are some dairy products, which can be quickly digested than others. You can consume plain fat yoghurt, low-fat cheese and lactose-free dairy products.

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