Graphic-Heavy Skateboarding Apparel : Paradise youth club


Paradise Youth Club is an “Indonesian streetwear imprint” which translates the aesthetics of skateboarding apparel with a potent and contemporary Eastern fashion. The Jakarta-based streetwear label’s offerings for the Spring/Summer 2020 season are identified through playful illustrations, a retro vibe, and comfort-focused cuts. Dubbed ‘Better Days,’ the range seems to be an ode to the 90s. In particular, the silhouettes embrace the cultural atmosphere of “90s music, rave culture, and society.”

Paradise Youth Club’s clothing is identified by numerous graphics that instill a nostalgic motif. These creative elements adorn t-shirts and hoodies. The ‘Better Days’ Spring/Summer 2020 collection also calls consumer attention to the launch of a selection of bags.

The Paradise Youth Club capsule is expected to be made available to individuals starting early next year.


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