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Wanna create a super scary look without all the blood, guts and gore? Consider the timeless Halloween image of simple, yet sinister black and white skull makeup.

This Halloween, it seems this creepy classic is back with a vengeance. With so many variations, you can put your own spin on this look and still nail all the essential elements.

We tapped professional makeup artist Stephanie Gomez to give us her expert advice on how to create skull face paint. If you missed Part One, click here. Now read on for the rest of her essential skull tips:

So tell us Stephanie, what’s the biggest mistake people make when creating this look?
Definitely not setting the skull with the a translucent powder. Make sure you set every color you are using to create the skull.

What are some mistake proof techniques we can use to apply the makeup? 

Be sure you use a different brush for every color.

What about the details around the mouth and creating the teeth? 

Use an eyeliner pencil and go over the details. With a smaller flat brush keep layering white paint to make them stand out. Then with an eyeliner brush, smudge between every tooth with the black paint or any colors you decide to create shadows with. Move the brush downwards on the lower teeth and upwards on the top teeth to create a 3D effect.

How do you ensure the paint and all the details stay in place all Halloween night? 

Setting the skull with any translucent powder or if you have dry skin a setting spray is key. And using an eyeliner that is waterproof or water resistant would be your best bet.

What are some simple tips a makeup pro can tell an amateur to make this look seem less challenging? 

Blending is really the secret. It’s what makes taking on this look seem less challenging.

Any additional tips and tricks for nailing this skull look?

Always have a reference or inspiration on hand when creating this look so you can guide yourself and make it your own.

Happy skull painting! Happy Halloween!

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