Formal Four-Way Stretch Slacks : Everlane Performance Chinos


The Everlane Performance Chinos Offer All-Day Comfort

Traditional formalwear pants have quickly fallen out of favor amongst consumers who are leading active lifestyles and/or spending their day seated at a desk, which is being supported by new options like the Everlane Performance Chinos.

The pants feature a breathable and highly stretchy design that aim to deliver exceptional comfort using simply materials like cotton and Elastane. The four-way stretch of the pants enable them to be almost like workout pants with the cut, silhouette and accents of dress pants to help make them office-ready for those who spend extended periods working.

The Everlane Performance Chinos are affordably priced and will support active consumer lifestyles that require clothing and accessories that can keep up with changing needs for a comfortable everyday experience.


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