Filson x Danner Grouse Boot


The Filson x Danner Grouse Boot is Timeless and Utilitarian

The Filson x Danner Grouse Boot is sure to come as a welcome new collaboration product for consumers seeking a way to maintain optimal style and performance when hitting the trails of the backcountry.

The boots are inspired by traditional hunting gear from the Pacific Northwest and feature a waterproof design that is timelessly utilitarian to make them suitable for urban or rural wear. The waterproof upper section of the boots feature full-gran leather from Danner, while the integration of Gore-Tex makes the footwear far more durable to ensure many years of continued wear.

The Filson x Danner Grouse Boot also features a Vibram outsole for enhanced durability and a breathable lining to keep your feet protected without having them feel overheated at any point.


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