Festively Branded Rum Sweaters : Captain Holiday Sweater


The Captain Morgan Captain Holiday Sweater is Expertly Crafted

The Captain Morgan Captain Holiday Sweater has been unveiled by the namesake rum brand as a garment for avid fans of the libation to wear this holiday season. Featuring a festive design, the sweater is inspired by the ugly Christmas sweaters that have become a mainstay part of the yearly celebratory traditions of many consumers. The sweater is emblazoned with the brand’s iconic Captain Morgan character in his signature stance with one knee on a rum barrel below the statement, “Part Like a Captain.”

The Captain Morgan Captain Holiday Sweater can be purchased directly from the company and is part of the burgeoning lifestyle product market that is seeing unlikely brands offer merchandise for consumers to purchase. This works two-fold to let consumers share their preference for a particular product, whilst also acting as a brand ambassador.


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