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Futurism is a Central Theme for Dior’s Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

Dior’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection debuted in Tokyo, Japan and the audience got a glimpse of a stylishly robotic fashion presentation. It is obvious that Creative Director Kim Jones drew inspiration from the ever-evolving tech world and set a futuristic outlook for Dior’s latest line. The couture show also spotlights a collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama.

While the centerpiece of the show is “a giant Sorayama robot,” Jones’ chic ensembles spotlight robotic fashion in the most sophisticated way. In an attempt to communicate relentless futurism, some of the silhouettes are made of “metallic textiles that feature iridescent properties.” Others embrace a sophisticated silver and greyscale. In addition, Dior’s Pre-Fall 2019’s robotic fashion outfits feature illustrations by Hajime Sorayama.

Photo Credits: Filippo Fior/Gorunway.com


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