Efficient Metropolitan Messenger Bags : CODEOFBELL X-PAK PRO


The CODEOFBELL X-PAK PRO Bag is Urbanite-Approved

The CODEOFBELL X-PAK PRO messenger bag is a rugged piece of equipment for those who live in urban areas to integrate into their lifestyle to keep their gear protected and ensure optimal efficiency. The bag features an over-the-shoulder design that draws inspiration from sling bags and messenger bags, and is focused on total efficiency for the user. This means that the wearer can easily access all components within without having to take it off, while also allowing it to be shifted around the body when taking public transit or getting on your bicycle.

The CODEOFBELL X-PAK PRO bag is priced at $239 and is sizable enough to fit all your daily essentials securely within including laptops, books or even a change of clothing.


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