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The Represent’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection Points to Youthful Fashion

Youthful fashion is definitely a broad concept, with many different implications within the industry. Represent recently launched a lookbook for its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, which is meticulously shot in the outdoors. Spotlighting a number of props — a dog and an abandoned car being some of them, the youthful fashion line exudes a degree of pure edginess.

The entire Fall/Winter 2019 capsule by Represent is inspired by the personal wardrobe of the brand’s founders — George and Mike Heaton. More precisely, the garments are said to “reflect key moments in their youth updated with the lessons learned from adulthood.” It is here where the playful and carefree aspects of youthful fashion mix with the sophisticated and high-end sensibilities of the adult wardrobe. Heavily dependent on the plaid motif, the Fall/Winter 2019 uses British fashion as the base for its silhouettes.


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