Eco Insulation Winter Jackets : Baro Manning Insulated Jacket


The Baro Manning Insulated Jacket Has 60% Recycled Materials

The Baro Manning Insulated Jacket is a stylish and eco-friendly outerwear option for men to pick up this winter when seeking out a way to stay safe when braving the elements.

The jacket is reported to offer more warmth using less bulky insulation, which is made from 60% recycled materials to make it a more sustainable option compared to others that content entirely virgin components. The exterior fabric maintains a breathable profile that is also waterproof to ensure that snow and rain won’t reach your skin, while keeping you at the optimal temperature when commuting.

The Baro Manning Insulated Jacket also features a multitude of internal pockets to keep your essentials nearby and eliminate the need for a separate bag for added lifestyle efficiency.


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