Durable Technical Performance Shorts : Foehn Brise Shorts


The Foehn Brise Shorts are Made from Recycled Nylon

The Foehn Brise Shorts have been created by the Canada-based climbing apparel brand as a technical garment option for consumers who are looking for a way to support their athletic endeavors. Crafted from recycled nylon, the shorts are engineered to provide unrestricted movement at all times along with technical functionalities. The comfortable waistband, taped thigh pocket and hidden stash pocket make the shorts ready for extended periods of wear during sport or everyday routines.

The Foehn Brise Shorts are priced at $80 and speak to the increased need for technical apparel with a stylish twist. This addresses the growing number of consumers looking to stay comfortable and ready for any activity at any point during their daily schedule.


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