Domestically Made Lightweight Menswear : WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS


Wisdom’s WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS Capsule is Loosely Cut

Taiwan-based menswear label Wisdom recently introduces its new WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS collection designed for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. The capsule is packed with sophisticated shapes, emphasized against the muted color palette and loosely cut structures.

It still highlights the strong fabrication and cargo pockets that the label is often recognized for. The capsule is constructed domestically using lightweight textiles with the local Taiwan Textile Federation. There is a prominent jacquard weave that enables breathability and waterproof elements. Additional details include the ‘KOKAGEMAX insulation and the CUPRAMMONIUM rayon to combat any bacteria or odor that can occur. Overall, the designs are relaxed in structure and deliver utility and comfortable components for the season. The highlighting detail throughout the range are the deep pockets across the outerwear, trousers, and tees.


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