Do it like a Pro


1 Roll with the punches


If you’re up for trying something different from your ordinary gym workout while taking things to the next level, then it’s worth checking out boxing programme Train2Win. Brought to you by strength and conditioning coach Dan Lawrence and British boxing champ George Groves, the detailed 10-week programme is designed to improve strength and mobility across all levels. There are three levels to choose from – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so whether you’re looking for a fun but structured method of training or you’re keen to brush up on your boxing skills, rest assured that you’ll be challenged throughout the course. The 10 weeks are broken down into four ‘blocks’ to focus on a particular area of fitness: two weeks of general prep, four weeks of strength, two weeks of speed and strength, and two weeks of speed and endurance. Channel your inner Pacquiao!


2 Hit the streets


Keen runner? Tighten up your technique with RunFit, an exercise programme designed by leading sports physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin. As a competitor and experienced physiotherapist to many elite trail runners, Maclean-Martin offers a programme that identifies imbalances, improves strength and technique and helps to prevent injuries. RunFit focuses on the details of your form and technique but in a simple, digestible way; the programme is broken down into eight sub-sections, which are grouped into three parts – Screening, Prehabilitation and Core work, Track Drills and Extras (steps, sand and barefoot running) – with videos to accompany each stage. There are also progress sheets that you can download
to keep track of your improvements. So whether you go on regular jogs or you’re training for a marathon, RunFit’s exercises and drills will have you running more effectively for a new PB every time. 


3 Join Team GB

Fitness First Pro

Athlete Version 4

What better motivation to perform as well as an athlete than to do a class designed by Team GB themselves? Fitness First Pro Athlete is
an intense 40-minute full-body workout class designed to push you to the absolute limit. The class focuses on five key fitness disciplines that all athletes require: speed, endurance, power, agility and strength. These are doled out in three phases: training, competition and teamwork, working together to achieve the best possible results. Want to be a pro? Then prepare to think, train and sweat like one!

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4 Jump!

Les Mills Body Attack 

The 55-minute Body Attack class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength
and stability exercises to get you burning an average of 735 calories per session. Inspired by athletic training programmes,
the workout aims to improve your speed, fitness, strength and agility. How? A warm-up of simple aerobic moves is followed by two high energy peaks then conditioning for the upper then lower body. Get involved!

Classes in gyms nationwide,

Go for a spin

Pendleton x

Fitness First

Take your spin sessions up a notch and upgrade your class to Victoria Pendleton’s Pro Cycling at Fitness First. You can choose from three different classes: The Team Sprint, which focuses on power with 15-second sprints at a high resistance; The Individual Sprint, which involves speed interval training with a race at the end; and The Keirin, which tests your endurance with longer bursts of interval training and shorter recovery periods. All three classes are inspired by Pendleton’s training programmes, technique, events and even her personal motivation – the sessions are set to some of her fave tunes. So, fancy an intense 30 minutes of Pendleton-pedalling? 

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6 Saddle up

Rowe & King

If you take your cycling pretty seriously or you’re preparing for a big race, you might want to up your game by recruiting the help
of cycling champs Luke Rowe and Dani King. The professional cyclists’ coaching company, Rowe and King, offers two packages: RK1, a monthly subscription that offers a daily training plan plus a continuous and in-depth feedback; and RK2, a prescribed training plan via spreadsheet. All coaching is managed by top cycling professionals and experts so you’ll be in good hands throughout your training experience. 

From £375,

7 Embrace your crazy


With an impressive client list, that includes renowned British UFC Fighter Jimi Manuwa as well as many England Rugby and Football players, Richard Tidmarsh is one of the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the UK and has created a great range of high-octane group workouts at his London gym Reach Fitness. Inspired by mixed martial arts, rugby and other athletic training, the Mayhem workouts focus on advanced strength, power and conditioning exercises to push your body to a whole new level. Warning: this is not one for the faint-hearted.

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