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Love watching rugby but nervous to give it a go? England Rugby’s new women’s camps are the perfect introduction

Are you yet to discover your inner warrior? England Rugby is inviting you to try a crash course in the sport by attending its women’s Warrior Camps, which will be held up and down the country from May 12-21.

These free Warrior Camps are a great opportunity to get your heart rate up, let your hair down and meet new people. They allow you to feel a part of that rugby environment without having to have any previous experience. Just come along for two hours (no strings attached), step out of your comfort zone and get to grips with the basics of the sport.

We tried it! 

We had a go at unearthing our Inner Warrior along with England U20s player Emma Uren and Red Rose Sarah McKenna at Regent’s Park. After a couple of hours of pushing and barging past each other to get that ball to the try line and helping each other off the ground after knocking them over, this is definitely an environment worth being a part of if you have the opportunity. The fact that it’s a competitive workout is just an added bonus!

Sarah McKenna highly recommends these camps. ‘People go on a park run. People go to regiment training. Rugby is like a park run and regiment training and a tough mudder and a netball game all in one. So tick off every box and just do it in one morning. You don’t need any specialist equipment – just turn up with a pair of trainers and you’re good to go!’

To find the Warrior Camp nearest to you, head to


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