Corrugated Lunar Surface Sneakers : Nike Moonwalker


The Conceptual Nike Moonwalker Stretches for a Snug Fit

The conceptual Nike Moonwalker sneakers have been designed by Shun Ping Pek and are positioned as a distinctly otherworldly accessory that would provide enhanced support for those traversing the lunar surface. Featuring a ribbed, corrugated aesthetic, the shoes are designed to be secure and protective, and are capable of snugly hugging the foot and ankle of the wearer.

The sneakers are designed with a Lunarlon midsole, which is a material developed by Nike that utilizes foam of different densities to provide lightweight support and a springy walking experience. This makes the conceptual Nike Moonwalker sneakers perfect for the low-gravity environment on the moon, while the built-in zipper closure system eliminates the need for complicated laces or alternatives.


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