Circular Waterproof Parkas : The Nova


With the winter season quickly approaching, the Nova Polar Parka comes as a cruelty-free way to stay warm and dry during this frosty time of year. The parka boasts animal-free PrimaLoft insulation — a polyester filling that boasts the look and warmth of traditional down; sealed seams — a function that keeps water and moisture from entering while ensuring the jacket is wind and waterproof; and Ripstop — a cutting edge technology that ensures the fabric is resistant to tearing, ripping, and fraying.

Frank and Oak’s Nova Polar Parka is an eco-friendly and vegan solution to staying warm this winter. The coat boasts a closed-loop recycling system to ensure that old polyester garments s can be shredded to create new yarns and fabrics. In addition, the Nova Polar Parka also features DuPont Sorona fibers that are made from renewable plant-based ingredients.


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