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Taylor Stitch’s Restitch Program Enhances the Circular Fashion Economy

Circular fashion economy is the key to addressing excess waste and consumption within the industry. A survey points out that “on average, Americans throw away 80 pounds of clothes each year.” A whopping 85% of these end up in landfills. Taylor Stitch — a San Francisco-based menswear company, attempts to resolve this to embrace a sustainable model of production and consumption. Its ‘Restitch’ program is not only beneficial to those who want to get rid of some clothes, but also to those who are looking to buy some at “a fairly steep discount.”

The initative openly supports the circular fashion economy concept by allowing customers to bring back “worn-out or gently used Taylor Stitch clothes.” The company breathes a second life to its product and resells the item through its platform.

Photo Credits: Taylor Stitch


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